Hello everyone,

Here is the email that I sent home today

April 27

More importantly, here is a challenge from  Mr. Molloy:

Wheelie  Bin Challenge

  1. You need a wheelie bin, a back garden and a ball.
  2. The challenge is to kick the ball from a certain distance into the wheelie bin.
  3. Skill practised – kick passing.
  4. Locate your target, then keep your eyes on the ball and follow through with your kicking foot.
  5. Measure out the distances below – a metre is one big step approximately
  6. 5th/6th Class. Kick from a distance of 20 metres.
  7. 3rd / 4th. Kick from 15 Metres.
  8. 1st/2nd. Kick from 10 Metres
  9. Junior/Senior. Kick/ Throw from 5 Metres.
  10. Please record how many attempts it takes you to get it into the bin or better still get some one (patient) to video your attempts.

Best of luck – enjoy!