November so far!

We have been having great fun this month learning lots about our locality. Local historian, Eugene O’ Connell came in to talk about Drumshanbo long ago, Leitrim and the famine and old shops and fairs in the area. We really enjoyed the discussion.

We also visited the library to see the author, Nicola Pearson, and hear all about her new book “In Between Worlds”. We really enjoy the talk with Nicola and found it really interesting as her book is set during famine times in Ireland and explores the emigration of young girls to Australia.

We attended a Science Workshop on Climate Action this week. We placed games and answered questions to earn points.

In class we have been learning about the different types of bridges can we have. In groups we constructed our own bridges and tested them out, to ensure they could withstand weight. We really enjoyed this activity and working in small groups.

In maths, we had great fun tessellating shapes and working with a peer to create a tessellated piece of art.

We used recycled materials to recreate buildings from Drumshanbo town. Can you figure out which building is which?

As a class we paired up and completed a graveyard study. We worked really well in our pairs and had a lovely afternoon out of the classroom.