January & February 2024

We had a very enjoyable visit from Marine Biologist, David. We really enjoy learning all about the sea and how we can protect the sea creatures.

The new student council was elected this month. At the end of the process we have two new candidates to represent 4th Class. Best of luck to the new student council and thank you to the outgoing student council.

In Science this month we explored magnetism. It was great fun completing different experiments using the magnets and working with our peers.

We completed some Valentines Day art and some art inspired by our Irish theme, EadaĆ­, and displayed our work in the hall. We have started learning our lines for our Easter Play, Sherlock and Cinders and we cannot wait to preform it in March. We also finished off the day before midterm with a non uniform day, for good behaviour on yard and for lining up quickly and quietly.