Christmas 2021

Welcome to our Christmas Plays for 2021:

Junior Infants play is called I Spy Christmas.

Thank you to all the boys and girls in Junior Infants for taking part. Thank you to Romy, Cathal and Katie from 5th Class who played the parts of the teachers. And, finally, thanks to Ms. Edwards, Ms. Dolan and Ms. McLoughin for all their hard work in managing to get this done, despite some very difficult weeks.

I know you are going to enjoy I Spy Christmas:


Senior Infants play is called It’s a Baby.

Well done to all the girls and boys in Senior Infants for taking part so enthusiastically and for all the lovely singing. Thank you to Ms. McManus, Mrs. Murphy and Ms. McLoughlin (again!) for working with the children to produe the play. Thank you to Ms. Noone for videoing and editing it.

So, relax and enjoy It’s a Baby.



6th Class Play is called Cinderella Rockerfella.

I haven’t seen it yet but is the rehearsals are anything to go by, it is going to be colourful and musical and lots of fun. Thank you to all the girls and boys and ugly sisters and fairies and dogs and cats and all the other strange members of the cast who took part. Thanks also to Ms. Keegan for all her hard work and to Ms Kehoe for her creative assistance (she also did the backdrops for all the plays). And thanks again to Ms. Noone for videoing and editing the play.

So here is the 6th Class Production. Enjoy!


2nd Class Play is called The Magical Christmas Jigsaw.

Congratulations to 2nd Class on working so hard as a team to get their show on stage. They had to ‘re-jig’ and double up on parts because some of their classmates were not able to be in last week, and they still managed to do a great job. Thanks to Ms. Reynolds for all her hard work and to Ms. Dolan for videoing and editing and to Ms. Noone – our technical advisor.

Finally,  all of us here in the school would like to send our best wishes to the children who missed their Christmas Plays this year. You have made a really big sacrifice to keep your friends safe and we are very grateful.

So, relax and enjoy The Magical Christmas Jigsaw:

School Carol Service.

It has become a tradition in the school that we have an annual Carol Service where the story of Christmas is narrated by Fifth Class and presented by First Class. The school choir would have provided the music but, of course, we cannot have choir for the moment. Therefore we are particularly grateful to the boys and girls in Fifth who agreed to provide the music. Thank you to Ms. Smith, Mrs. Walsh and Ms Kehoe for all their hard work and to Ms Dolan who videoed and edited the service.

Christmas in St. Patrick’s NS 2020

Welcome to our Christmas show. The videos may take a few minutes to download – chance to get your popcorn and drink at the ready. Now sit back, relax and enjoy…..

Junior Infants

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Nativity play from Junior Infants. This year’s show is called A Little Nativity:

A Little Nativity

Senior Infants

Senior Infants are very excited because they are expecting a special visitor on Christmas Night…….

senior infants

Our School Nativity

This year First, Second, Third and Fourth classes each recorded an episode of the Nativity Story.

Episode 1: Exciting news and a long journey by First Class

first class

Episode 2: No room at the Inn by Second Class

second class

Episode 3: Angels and Shepherds by Third Class

third class

Episode 4: The Coming of the Kings by Fourth Class

fourth class

Fifth Class

Fifth class have some interesting things to tell us about Christmas traditions around the world. They are focusing on some of the traditions of the nationalities who are represented here in our school.

fifth class

Sixth Class

And now, the grand finale. Please enjoy the Sixth Class annual Christmas Show – with social distancing! It’s called Strictly Come Dancing and it’s FAB-U-LOUS!


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Also please share our Christmas song – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – with as many people as you can. We are very proud of it and we want people to see it. Thank you