June 2024… to end!

To finish the month off, we had our school tour, a visit from Rescue 118 and a Teddy Bear Picnic.

Atlantic Sheepdogs was our first stop on tour.  What a fabulous morning to watch Misty the sheepdog at work.  We could pet Misty and hold a lamb if we wanted to!  After Atlantic Sheepdogs we made the short journey to Five Star Fun and had a brilliant time.  Our favourites were the big blue slide and the Disco Room.

Then at the end of the week there was a lot of excitement with the planned arrival of Rescue 118.  We even got to walk through the aircraft and we met all of the crew.

Have a look at some photos:



Our final class fieldtrip was to the garden beside Fr. Frankie’s house for our Teddy Bear Picnic.  Look out for some teddy’s ‘monkeying around’!!  Here are some photos:

Finally, farewell to the Junior Infants of 2023/2024… what an amazing journey!

Have a fantastic summer break everyone!