School Sponsored Walk

All students from St Patrick’s NS participated in the Sponsored Walk. 1st Class walked from the school to the playground and back again. We were so excited about the ice-cream van arriving to the school in the afternoon for our treats. Each student was presented with a medal from the Tony McGowan run for their participation in the Sponsored Walk this year. Well done everyone!



School Tour To Glendeer Pet Farm, Athlone

1st & 2nd Class visited Glendeer Pet Farm for their school tour this year. We had so much fun meeting and feeding lots of animals. Rio the parrot was very funny, Spiky Mick the bearded dragon and his turtle friends were particularly cute! We go to feed and goats, deer, ducks, hens, geese and pigs. We visited an olden day house that had an outside toilet and no TV!! Later, we got to play on the huge playground. We had such a fun day out!


Sports Day 2023!