End of Year 2018 – 2019

As I write this, I am sitting in a strangely quiet school. That’s because there’s no-one here – everyone is up at the football pitch enjoying (I hope!) their annual Sport’s Day. The school is odd with no children in it. It’s normally full of noise and life especially at this time of the year. Over the past few weeks we’ve had tours and outings, football league (good luck to Oisín and Raymond in the final today), basketball league, sponsored walk. We’ve designed our stylish silage, prepared for our end of year Mass, and raised our 5-Star flag (thanks, again, Mrs. Kelly). I want to thank the teachers for managing all of this and for working hard to make sure that every event goes smoothly. I hope no-one will mind if I say a special thank you to Mrs. Walsh who, once again, organised 3 tours, which included 226 children, down to the smallest detail. Everyone seemed to have a great time, due to her hard work.

Central to our year is Sixth Class. I hope that they are enjoying their last days in the school because they really deserve to. They have contributed so much to the life of the school this year in so many ways, through their good example, their work, their music, their involvement in sports (congratulations to Przemek on being selected for the Blue Stars soccer team, by the way, great achievement for him), not to mention the way they’ve helped out at all school events and with their daily responsibilities. I hope that they have a great day at Blueway Waterpark tomorrow. I’m looking forward to their end of year Mass on Monday and to the talent show afterwards. If the music I’ve heard being practised around the school is anything to go by, we’re in for a great night.

Thank you all for your work during the year. I hope you have a great summer and that the sun shines on you. See you in September…..