There was great excitement in the school before Halloween because we had the elections for our first ever Student Council. First the children in classes from Second to Sixth had to decide if they wished to be nominated. If they decided to seek nomination, they had to draw up a realistic manifesto and deliver it to their class. The class then voted on who they wished to nominate. Two boys and two girls from each class were nominated and their names were added to the ballot paper. Each child who was nominated had to address the whole school at assembly, and explain what they would like to change in the school, if elected. They were so impressive! On polling day, every child in the school got the opportunity to vote for a boy and a girl from second to sixth. The votes were counted and the results were as follows:

Student Council 2019 – 2020

2nd Class

  • Sylvie Mc Partland
  • Noah Keville

3rd Class

  • Leah Casey
  • Conor Mc Gowan

4th Class

  • Ellie O’Dowd
  • Daragh Nolan

5th Class

  • Hannah Mc Keon
  • Oisín Mc Garry

6th Class

  • Mya Gormley
  • Brian Nolan
  • Jakub Zapala
  • Kyle Mc Cabe

Congratulations to all who were elected and to all who were nominated. It was great to hear the ideas that the children had and, how confidently they were able to express them. This will be an annual process so everyone will have the opportunity to get involved again next year.

Mrs. Brennan organised all of this for us. She set up the whole system and explained it to pupils and staff alike, created ballot papers (with pictures so that every child could read them), organised the polling stations with the help of fourth class and supervised the count. It all happened very smoothly and efficiently thanks to her hard work.

The first council meeting will take place on November 25th.

Our Board of Management for 2019 – 2023 has also been elected and we had our inaugural meeting on November 12th – an auspicious day because it is the anniversary of the opening of the school.  (Nov 12 1974)

The Board is as follows:

  • Chairperson & Patron’s representative: Martin McGowan
  • Patron’s representative: Fr. Frankie Murray
  • Parents’ representative: Aisling McShera
  • Parents’ representative: Pascal Gillard
  • Teachers’ representative: Louise Brennan
  • Teachers’ representative & secretary: Máirín O’Keeffe
  • Community representative: Stella Kehoe
  • Community representative: Enda McGloin

Thank you to all who have agreed to serve on the board. The main responsibility of the Board is to see to the welfare of the children in the school and our board is committed to this.