New Build

Finally, spring has come and with it the start of our new build. It’s great to see progress at last. Hopefully by spring 2021 we will be in it.

When we were planning for the build, there were certain things we couldn’t afford to do. One of them was to build a path around the perimeter of the site that we could use for exercise and for lunchtime walks. We would also have liked to build some storage to replace the store which will have to be knocked down in keeping with the area we are clearing behind the school.

So members of the Board of Management and members of the the Parents’ Association have come together to form a fundraising group. We have lots of ideas as to how we can raise money, some of which we are  working on already. We hope to have a concert and we are setting up a Facebook page to promote this. We also intend to ask people to help up to build what we are calling ‘A Supporting Wall’ by sponsoring a brick. Again, we will explain all this on our Facebook page.

We are very optimistic that by involving the wider community, past pupils and people with links to the school and to the area, we may be able to build our path, which would be a lovely addition to the school. You will be hearing more about our plans as we are going along and we will let you know when the Facebook page is up and running.

All in all I believe that 2020 will be a very exciting one for our school.