March 27

Hello again.

Today is Friday and it’s a beautiful day so I hope you are all getting the opportunity to be outside at your homes enjoying it. Here at the school the daffodils are in bloom – we’ve a great display this year but for all the wrong reasons – there’s no one here to pick them and they’re not getting hit by footballs!

The build is going on – for now – and today the men were marking out the foundations.

We’re sending home work for all classes today – it’s for next week so we hope that the children will have completed what they were given to do when the school closed, have their weekend off and begin work on Monday. Follow this link to see a copy of the email that was sent. (The homework for each class was attached to the email so you will not find it here.)

March 27 email

Alongside the work that is being sent home, our SETs (Special Education Teachers) have recommended the following:

Younger Children

For younger children, resources such as ‘Gross Motor Skills Booklets’ can be found on the following website

  • Click on the link to online resources
  • Then click Parent Resources
  • Scroll down to Additional Occupational Therapy Resources and select Parental Booklet for Developing Gross Motor Skills.

Older Children (suitable for 2nd – 6th Class pupils)

Older children can access a free online Typing Skills Program at the following website:

Simply go to Student Sign-up and set a username and password


  •  is very user friendly for all age groups. They have an excellent place value basketball activity which would be good for Third and Fourth class.
  • has very good maths for the senior classes.
  • has good activities for parents giving practical tips on maths in everyday work.


I asked Mrs. Walsh for some suggestions about literacy and to help those of you who might be running out of suitable readers. Follow this link for some great practical, suggestions:

Literacy OW


I asked Ms. McLoughlin to provide some suggestions around wellbeing at this time. If you follow the link below you will find some advice for parents as well as suggestions for the children.

Wellbeing advice from Ms (Regina) McLoughlin

A few final thoughts……..

So, I’m hoping that everyone has a plan for schoolwork for next week.

But maybe start your day with PE with Joe – it’s live-streamed on YouTube at 9am each day. Don’t forget to check out School on TV on RTE 2 from 11 – 12 each day, starting Monday.

Check out all the suggestions on this post and on the posts during the week. And if you need more, here are some final suggestions:

For those of you interested in football, check out:


or why not pay a visit to the zoo? :

Remember – everyone is different. Every child will work at a different pace. We’ll all try to do a little this week and then enjoy our Easter holidays.

Please, can I ask you all, most sincerely, for all our sakes, to adhere to the protocols laid down for us all regarding staying apart and regarding hygiene. The better we do this, the sooner we get back to school.

Have a nice weekend.