May 15

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the lovely weather – I hear it’s coming back again in the next few days. The best moment of my week was when I got this unexpected present from a Sixth Class pupil. I think she may be on to a good thing here – there could be a big market for stress balls before this is all over. I’m certainly using mine!

Here is the email I’m sending home today:

May 15

And here are a few suggestions that you might want to try out this week. I recommended Scoilnet to you a few weeks ago. It’s a really great site with lots of different elements to it. For example, it has access to a huge newspaper archive with all the Leitrim Observers up to 2007. It’s great fun to have a root around in them.

Another great interactive fun section – also on the Scoilnet site –  is the World book. It has so many sections and is graded for different ages and stages. You really should check it out. Here is the link

It’s important that we look after our wellbeing thoughout these weeks and months – our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Ms. (Regina) McLoughlin has helped to provide some suggestions in this regard. So here are two different and interesting resources that might prove useful for some children at this time:

Breate – Self Regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children _PDST


Me, God and Covid-19 (3)

For some more alternative and hands on activities, here are Mr. Molloy’s and Ms Popplewell’s suggestions for this week:

Riveting Rebounds from Mr. Molloy

1. You need a ball and a wall.

 2. Skills practiced: catching and kicking.

 3. Warm up. Stand three metres from wall and kick at the wall hitting it waist high and collect the rebound. Complete ten times then practice on your weaker foot and see can you do ten.

 4. Then kick waist high using each foot alternatively and see how many you can catch out of ten. This will help you practice your chest catch.

 5. Now kick the ball at the wall slightly above you head and this will help you practice your overhead catch. Try and spring off your feet when catching and hold your hands in a V shape. Practice ten of these and see can you so them on your weaker foot.

 6. Now kick the ball at the wall slightly below your knees and this will help you practice the scoop catch which can be difficult for taller players. Make sure to bend down and get your body behind the ball.

 7. Junior infants and senior infants can stand a metre from the wall then throw it chest high and catch the rebound.

 8. First and second can practice kicking and catching the ball chest high from two to three metres.

Here is Ms. Popplewell’s movie recommendation;

Movie Recommendation for week beginning Monday 18th May from Ms. Popplewell

  • Peter Rabbit (Netflix).

RTE have kids/family movies on during the week if you do not have access to Netflix. You can write a Movie Review after watching the Movie. Or you can follow the link below to see do a fun quiz based on the movie. Enjoy!

And here is Ms. Popplewell’s weekly recipe:

pancake recipe (1)

I hope you can find one idea here that might help you or you child through the coming weekend and week. Remember these are only suggestions/alternatives and certainly not additions to the work you are already doing.

Take care and have a nice weekend.