May 11

Hello again,

Here is the email I sent out this morning:

May 11

In the email I mentioned a writing competition. Here are the details:

A Celebration of Lighthouses and Stories for Cruinniú na nÓg

Fighting Words and Great Lighthouses of Ireland are inviting 7-12 year-olds to become Young Storykeepers. All they have to do is to create a story inspired by lighthouses. The unique story can take any form – poetry, prose, or even illustration. All stories will be showcased in a digital magazine for Cruinniú na nÓg on June 13th.

For entry info, inspiration and handy story writing tips, see: or

Submissions close on May 19th.

Here is Mr Molly’s weekly challenge:

Six Socks Solo.

  1. You need six socks, a ball, a back garden.
  2. Skill practiced: left and right foot solo.
  3. Lay out the socks in a diagonal pattern each sock approximately 4 steps apart at about a 45 degree angle to each other.
  4. Stand at the first sock, run to the sock on your right, solo at the sock with your outside foot, turn sharply, run to the next sock and solo with your outside foot, repeat this at the fourth and fifth sock so you are using your right and left foot alternatively. When you reach the sixth sock turn and practice it in the opposite direction.
  5. Do this at speed and see how many circuits you can do without dropping the ball.
  6. Infant classes can run and bounce the ball at each sock.
  7. First and second class children who haven’t yet mastered the solo can do a knee Solo.
  8. Practice this drill each day and try to beat your previous record.
  9. Best of luck to all.

Finally, here are Ms Popplewell’s weekly recipe suggestion and film recommendation:

Movie Recommendation for week beginning Monday 11th May from Ms. Popplewell

  • Madagascar (Netflix).

RTE have kids/family movies on during the week if you do not have access to Netflix. You can write a Movie Review after watching your Movie of choice. Enjoy!

Follow the link below for this week’s recipe:

strawberry smoothie