Sixth Class Covid Collection

The pupils of Sixth Class were asked to send in representations of their memories and thoughts around Covid 19. I really enjoyed seeing their different ideas – I think you will too. I’m starting with some links for you to follow.

Why not read Josh’s report on how his family and extended family are managing during lockdown?:

Life during the Corona Virus – Josh

Here’s Róisín Mc’s thoughts on lockdown:

I know some of you were very taken with the stress ball I got last week. Well here’s your chance to make your own:

Róisín’s Blog about stress balls (3)

Róisín G’s stress ball

So many children have learned new skills and developed new talents during this time. Check out Kaelin’s report and you’ll see what I mean:

Kaelin’s Covid Adventures

We’ve had analysis……

Abi’s analysis of lockdown

……and diary entries

……some of which were photo diaries

Aoibhe’s been busy

….not to mention poetry.

Mya’s Covid Poem

We also had some lovely posters and pictures:

Brían’s picture

Pierce’s thoughts

Ella’s Corona Man

Emily’s memories of Covid

Hannah’s poster

Kuba’s image of Covid 19

Kyle enjoying lockdown

Nadia’s clear message

Róisín Mc’s rainbow