We remember in November

Hello everyone

We are finally reaching the end of the month of November and we marked today (November 27th) with a lovely service remembering those we have lost from our school community in the last year. We were led, as always, by Fr. Frankie. We remembered Conor Campbell most especially of course and Mrs. McNamara read a lovely prayer for him and for his family.

Our theme of Homes and Houses has been a great success throughout the school. Children have designed 2-D and 3-D houses from the present and from the past – we have seen everything from wigwams to Celtic settlements. Sixth Class gave great presentations on the buildings in our towns and have created a History wall based on this. Third Class set up an amazing display of houses in the hall. Fifth class have made a model of the town complete with all the buildings in 3-D, including  everything from the Mart to the Church to the football pitch and all the buildings in between.

And then to round off the month, Julie Durkin, put up our Christmas trees and Crib, just in time for the Toy Show. I think it got everyone in the mood for the start of the countdown to Christmas.

So it’s goodbye to November and bring on the Christmas!