Goodbye to 2020 – 2021 school year

Happy summer holidays everyone I have to be honest and say that, in many ways we are very glad to have reached the end of this school year. It was hard for all of us and, really, even when we were here in the school, it wasn’t as much fun as it should have been. We didn’t get to do so many of the things that we normally enjoy – all playing together in the yard, visiting each other’s classrooms, making music together, First Communion, Cumann na mBunscoil, Easter Plays and so much more besides. So, in many ways we are not sorry to be saying goodbye to this school year.

But we ARE sorry to be saying goodbye to many of our friends. We have had a lovely Sixth Class this year. It’s such a pity that we didn’t get – and they didn’t get – the opportunity to showcase their talents as much as they should have done. But, even so, look at what they have achieved. They were the backbone of the U-13 county champion’s just this weekend – well done boys! They have produced some of the best school magazines ever. The have been responsible leaders and helpers in the school. I have just finished reading their reports and they have achieved academically despite so many weeks of lockdown. They were the key to our amazing fundraiser when they made the Christmas CD with Charlie – and what a success that was! I think it’s fair to say that their contribution to our school will be visible for all to see for many years to come. So thank you and all my best wishes to Aaron C, Aaron O, Aimee, Alex, Aoibheann, Aoife, Cadhla, Clara, Daire, Daniel, Ellen, Evanna, Hannah, Isobelle, Joshua, Kate, Krystian, Lara, Maja B, Maja J, Martin, Meadhbh, Mollie, Oisín, Olivia, Ryan, Seán and Senan. You have been a lovely example to all in the school. I want to commend you most particularly on your resilience in the face of all that has happened this year, especially the many, many changes of the Confirmation date!

We are also saying goodbye to some other children in the school including Ana (3rd), Kailum (3rd), Ewan (4th) and Niamh (4th) and of course, Emma and Lydia have already left us. I hope that all of you will be happy in your new schools and that you make many new friends – but that you keep in touch with your old friends in Drumshanbo.

And, finally, we are saying goodbye to Ms. Duffy who was such as support to all of us, but especially to 2nd class, during this school year. Thank you for bringing your skills, your work ethic and your gentleness to us. Best wishes to you for next year and the years to come.

So June is a time of joy and of sadness. We look forward to the summer holidays and the gradual end to lockdown but, in doing so, we are sad to say goodbye to our friends.

I want to thank you all, pupils and staff, for working together to keep us all safe this year. It wasn’t easy but we have succeeded in managing a very difficult year and, in the process, we have learned many new skills and, maybe, we have learned to value our school more than ever before.

I hope that you all have the summer you deserve, full of fun and friends and family.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.