New term

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new term. I hope you are all rested and recovered after your Easter Break. Here is the email I sent out this morning:

April 20 email

As we all resume working, parenting, home-schooling, self-isolating along with our many other duties, there may be days when it’s difficult to do it all. In terms of home-schooling, can I just remind you again to do what best suits you and your family. I’ve met some parents  – from a safe distance – over the Easter. Some have said that they find the work sent by teachers to be very useful, some choose elements of it, some find it hard to access it. But everyone I met said how much they were enjoying the fine weather and the opportunity to be have the children outdoors – and today is another lovely day, so let’s remember to take advantage of any positives in the situation we’re now in. Getting children to be out and be active is as much a learning activity as anything teachers can send out and a lot more fun!

That said, it would be great to use this time to encourage children to read. I know that Mrs. Walsh has done a lot of work on this and the teachers have included her handout in the workpacks for classes where it is appropriate  – if you get a chance to have a look at it and to use it with your child, I think you’ll find it very worthwhile. You can also follow the link below for some more suggestions with regard to reading with your child.

Finally, if you are finding this time to be difficult, here is some information that you might find useful:

Services Outline re Covid 080420

Stress Control advert

FVFRC – Booklet Parenting Through COVID 19

Webinar for parents – Leitrim County Childcare Committee

Best wishes to all of you. I’m really hopeful that we’ll get back to school in the not too distant future. In the meanwhile, please continue to follow the guideline with regard to staying at home – it is working.